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Original design by ICHI HATANO


  • Hannya Tote bag - With pocket inside
  • Solid and sturdy fabric for canvas fabric. 
  • 40cm Width x 35cm Height
  • 100% Cotton - Machine wash
  • Contents: about 10L
  • Body weight Natural: 405 g / m2

Hannya Tote Bag

  • Because of the current situation in the world, the Japanese post office does not deliver any more in some countries with EMS.

    We can only deliver to Japan, France, and Great Britain, but the delivery time take more time as usual.

    If you live in another country and if you want to buy one product, please confirm your order, and we will keep your reservation until the post-office works again. We will send you the package as soon it will be possible.

    We are sorry for this temporary annoyance. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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